Jemma Wynne

The vision of Jemma Wynne is to create versatile jewelry for women who desire a sophisticated look, while still maintaining a casual ease. We define our design aesthetic as the "cashmere hoodie" of jewelry for women... rich, but comfortable. We bring this point of view to life with a fresh approach, using the finest gemstones, vibrant color palettes, and exquisite workmanship. Working side by side in our Fifth Avenue atelier, we combine our personal styles of relaxed femininity and classic polish. Together, we breathe fresh life into precious jewels by adding our unique perspective and unexpected detail in all of our creations. While each piece of our jewelry can stand alone, individual pieces can work together to be layered and mixed. We create rich chromatic palettes using black and white diamonds, luscious tourmalines, sapphires, and semi-precious stones, to produce a modern collection of lasting luxury. The juxtaposition of precious gemstones and "ready to wear" sensibility results in a jewelry collection that is elegantly classic and chic. We believe that a woman's jewelry should always be something treasured and relevant. Jemma Wynne jewelry is the perfect way to enjoy luxury without ever being overdone.

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