Julie Wolfe

Wolfe blurs the lines between good and evil, tranquility and struggle, decay and reneration by showing the convergence of these opposites, illusionary spatial relationships between the background and forground in her paintings. Representative of species that have been separated from their natural environment and deliberately placed into the wild. Her current work demonstrates a significant shift in focus. Some pieces address human intrusions into the environment, while other works dissolve the individual viewpoint for a more wide open perception of nature and is driven by a desire to be immersed in a biological presence. This approach points to an intersection of Biology and aesthetics and a more ecologically concerned form of creativity. Wolfe lives and works in Washington D.C. in a four level Queen Ann Victorian where she creates one of the kind jewelry pieces made of precious metals, found objects and rough gemstones for Barneys New York and other venues. The two-dimensional metal pieces are heavily influenced by other mediums of working: drawing, painting, site-specific conceptual installation, and printmaking. Julie Wolfe received a BFA in Painting and Art History from the University of Texas. She has exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Textile Museum and has shown in many other overseas institutions. Her work is part of museum, corporate and personal collections.

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