Kill Brand

In 2001, Kill Brand was created by musician, Jonny Smith. While on tour in the band, he ran into a problem -- no clean t-shirts. With a hot pink T-shirt and black spray paint, Jonny randomly graffitied K-I-L-L across the front of the T, and took the stage. This fresh trend took fans by storm. Before long Jonny was designing, spray-painting, and selling his T's out of the back of the tour van. As demand grew he invested in a screen printing machine, that was used in his studio apartment to keep up with demand. Jonny personally screen-printed every item by hand with his signature, KILL. Kill Brand's notoriety grew as Jonny left the band and pursued promoting the apparel at music festivals across the U.S. Now Kill Brand designs are sold at over 400 retail stores worldwide. KillBrand's higher end products are also featured in their showroom in Los Angeles, Showroom 309 and 24 Karat in New York. Select specialty stores associated with this showroom carry exclusive KillBrand designs not found in any other retailer.

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