LOYD / FORD is a luxury women's clothing brand based in Palm Springs. Designers Steven Loyd and Franck Ford share an unexpected combination of whimsical creativity and earnest wit, making them a refreshing force in the fashion industry. The duo behind LOYD/FORD—a line of high-end evening wear made in Los Angeles—were born and raised in Berlin, where they first started designing clothes in the late 80s. A decade later, they relocated to L.A. to design stage outfits for the likes of Britney Spears, Cher, and Jennifer Lopez—before launching LOYD/FORD in 2011. Now, they design the collections from their Palm Springs HQ, produce it in downtown L.A., and bring it to their Paris showroom for sales. The combination of contrasting elements is a window into the unique inspiration that makes LOYD/FORD special.

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Company Founders Steven Loyd and Franck Ford