Jordana Warmflash is an old soul who embraced fashion at a young age. Her unique blend of uptown and downtown sensibilities reflects her upbringing amidst the cultural vibrance of New York City. In 2012 Jordana launched NOVIS, which celebrates her whimsical and irreverent approach to elegance. The name NOVIS is an homage to Jordana’s grandmother, Gwen Novis Warmflash. Jordana is inspired by a refined and courageous woman who, like her grandmother, is confident in her own eccentricities. Jordana has long been devoted to constructing the perfect dress. Her garments are timeless, impeccably detailed and untouched by trend. NOVIS is defined by precisely tailored silhouettes and luxurious textures that call out to be touched, and worn with a wink. NOVIS is designed and made in New York City.

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Company Founders Jordana Warmflash