Punk Royal

Punk Royal occupies an important position on the international fashion stage, thanks to its own history, consistency and continuity. Launched in 2001 in Copenhagen, underground brand Punk Royal came to life in a paint-splattered downtown basement. After more than a decade of highs and lows, a collective of designers have defined and developed the brand’s concept. Staying true to the original history, but updated with a refreshing new edge, Punk Royal has passion, graphical genius and distinct individuality like no other brand. Punk Royal is currently designed by renowned streetwear innovator Scott Langton. Langton has quickly transformed the global brand into a study in technique, risk and highly advanced style pushing the envelope with modern materials and highly conceptual direction. The collection is not for the faint of heart and is made explicitly for the fashionable man who draws inspiration from the new and the avant-garde. Each seasonal collection of Punk Royal features a range of pieces to accommodate the man who dresses to be noticed, no matter his budget. It is truly an experiential brand that allows its designer and wearer the justification to explore and express themselves without fear.

Company info

Company Founders Scott Langton
Company Revenue Copenhagen