So, it all began when I moved to Los Angeles two years ago. I am originally from the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas area and was behind on literally everything fashion related. My fiancé and his brother were both really up on the latest fashions, while being around the two of them all day every day; I started picking up on things! One day I woke up with an idea, I wrote it down and immediately woke up my boyfriend and shared my ideas with him, he thought it was a great idea; we talked about it all day long! He agreed that I should “go for it” and has supported me every step of the way. I began to think of a name for my Boutique and decided I wanted it to represent a woman’s beauty, while researching names “Sorella” evolved and was the perfect fit, Sorella means “beautiful sister”. I continued thinking about many aspects of the business and really wanted to launch the business, however I travel quite a bit, while traveling I learned more and more about fashion and my motivation escalated. I discovered that many places were way behind on fashion. I had a strong desire to open the Boutique online to allow girls and women like myself to have access to fashion, a taste of my style and the opportunity to be fly! I wanted fashion to be accessible to everyone, not only to the people who were in New York and LA, but for every girl, hence the boutique being online! source:

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