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Alex Karev

Played by: Justin Chambers in Grey's Anatomy

One of the original interns, Alex had it rough growing up. His mother suffered from a mental illness and his father was verbally and physically abusive to Alex and his mother. He took up wrestling as a way to learn how to physically confront his father which he did and earned a scholarship to University of Iowa for the sport. He has two younger siblings, a sister and a brother, and all three Karev kids spent time in foster homes although Alex landed in 17 different homes over the course of five years while separated from his siblings. Alex has a rebellious streak that comes across in his personal relationships and in his medical work. He's gruff and impatient with his patients, particularly with those or their families who he thinks are making stupid decisions. Alex has little patience for people who he thinks don't appreciate what they have. He also has trouble maintaining normal relationships because of his volatile personality and the general sense of instability he's always had in his life. He's a known womanizer, known for sleeping with nurses and interns, but has allowed himself to take on long-term relationships albeit generally dysfunctional ones. Alex is smug and arrogant, but has also shown himself to have a kind heart. He can do something incredibly sweet and considerate while being a complete jerk about it. Source: IMDB