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Amelia Shepherd

Played by: Caterina Scorsone in Grey's Anatomy

Amelia Shepherd is the youngest sister of Dr. Derek Shepherd, and like her brother, she is also an excellent neurosurgeon whose ambition in proving herself equal to her brother is only surpassed by her surgical skill. Graduating in the top of her class at Harvard and completing her surgical residency at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Shepherd came to Los Angeles on a medical case and decided to stay. She asked Naomi for a job when the two practices were merging. She has known Dr. Addison Montgomery for many years and views her as a close friend and sister. She was addicted to painpills and crashed Dereks car when she was high. When she came home, she overdosed and was dead for three minutes. Derek saved her life, but was and still is angry with her. Amelia ended up sleeping with Derek's best friend Mark Sloan following in the footsteps of her sister Nancy and her ex sister-in-law Addison Montgomery after making peace with Derek following his own shooting. Source: IMDB