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April Kepner

Played by: Sarah Drew in Grey's Anatomy

Introduced in the sixth season, April Kepner is a transplant from Mercy West Hospital. She is an eager, smart, hard working doctor, but the medicine doesn't come as naturally to her as it seems to for others. For this reason, she is vulnerable, insecure and overly sensitive. She takes lots of notes and wants desperately to be taken seriously, but has some legitimate trouble doing her job well and starts to question her own ability at times. April is a devout Christian who is mocked when it is revealed that she is a virgin. This becomes a factor in her relationships notably with Dr. Jackson Avery. She makes many references to her religion while conflicted about what is right and wrong. April has, it seems, annoyed just about everyone in the hospital with her overly cheerful personality, but they all come around and see she's just a kind-hearted, childlike soul.Background: Much of April's background is revealed during one Source: IMDB