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Arizona Robbins

Played by: Jessica Capshaw in Grey's Anatomy

Arizona Robbins, introduced in the fifth season, is the head of pediatric surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. She has a great heart and works very well with children and their parents. Arizona is a lesbian and soon begins a relationship with Callie Torres.Arizona's cool and easy style of communication salvages her relationship with Callie and Callie's relationship with her father early on as Arizona diffuses Callie's dad's objection to his daughter's sexuality by revealing that her own father also had issues with her revelation that she was gay.Arizona is a playful person who has some quirks such as wearing roller shoes to work but is a very good doctor who doesn't let emotions influence her medical decisions. In what could be considered nothing less than an unlikely match of personalities, Arizona develops a strong working relationship with Alex, who becomes a natural at pediatrics and to whom Arizona serves as a mentor. Source: IMDB