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Charlotte Grayson

Played by: Christa B. Allen in Revenge

Charlotte Grayson (Christa B. Allen)Friendly and charitable, Charlotte Grayson (Christ B. Allen) is the daughter of Victoria and Conrad Grayson and the younger sister of Daniel Grayson. She lives in the Hamptons with her family. Charlotte has a very close relationship with her father and if often in conflict with her mother, who has exceedingly high expectations of her and is overbearing. Charlotte is good friends with Declan Porter, who lives in Montauk. Because of Declan's working class background, Victoria does not approve of this friendship.Charlotte is very much a typical teenager. She is impulsive, rebellious and, at times, irrational. But she is well meaning and always wants to do what is right. She gets straight As at school and has a strong moral compass. She believes the truth is more important than her family's reputation. Source: IMDB