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Conrad Grayson

Played by: Henry Czerny

Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny)Shrewd and successful, Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) lives in the Hamptons and is the husband of Victoria Grayson and the father of Daniel and Charlotte Grayson. He is the founder, CEO and manager of Grayson Global Hedge Fund and the patriarch of the Grayson family. Before Emily's father, David Clarke, was arrested for crashing flight 197, Conrad was friends with David, who was a hedge fund manager at Grayson Global.Grayson is well respected both by Hampton high society and by the business world. However he can be quite ruthless in business dealings and is not above using illegal means to get what he wants. He can be just as conniving and manipulative as his wife. And, like his wife, he will protect his children at all costs. He is very close to Charlotte and very demanding of Daniel. He is grooming Daniel to follow in his footsteps and will often use his children as pawns in his fights with Victoria. His marriage to Victoria is very much a strategic partnership and he has not always been faithful. He had an affair with his wife's best friend Lydia. Because of the way he has operated in both his personal and business life, Conrad is aware that he can trust no one. Source: IMDB