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Donna Paulsen

Played by: Sarah Rafferty in Suits

Donna Roberta Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) is Harvey Specter's legal secretary, close friend, and confidant.[1] She has worked with him since his first year as an Assistant District Attorney, and she left the DA's office with him to work with him at Pearson Hardman. She listens in on all the conversations in his office, partially because he never turns the intercom off, and knows what he wants before he asks for it. She also knows the private details of his personal life. She is even an integral part of Harvey's pre-courtroom ritual. Donna is considered the best legal secretary in New York City, and she carries enough power in the firm to intimidate senior partner Louis Litt, especially since she remembers most of Louis' indiscretions. Mike Ross often comes to her when he thinks he needs help, and she mocks him because he does not really need help; when Mike actually needs help, she provides all the assistance she can. She often jokes that she knows everything, and she is witty and has sardonic sense of humor.