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Frank Underwood

Played by: Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

Representative Francis J. Frank Underwood, (D) , of South Carolina is the House Majority Whip in the 'House Of Cards' (2013) series. Raised in impoverished circumstances, he found his hometown 'suffocating' at the time. Frank attended military college at "The Sentinel" in Charleston, South Carolina and then graduated from Harvard Law School. Frank was elected as U.S. Representative from South Carolina's 5th congressional district for 11 terms before moving on to become House Majority Whip. Rep. Underwood is married to Claire Underwood, yet they have no children. Frank is known for his straight-forward yet complex, often 'lacking emotion', approach to certain situations. Underwood helped President Garrett Walker, also a democrat, to win the presidential election. His figure is deemed as one of the most dark and complex characters in the 'House Of Cards' series, even though he is the main character of the story. Source: IMDB