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Gloria Pritchett

Played by: Sofia Vergara in Modern Family

Gloria hails from a lovely little village in Colombia, which also happens to be the murder capital of that fine country. She’s married to Jay, who is quite a few years older. That doesn’t matter to Gloria. She loves what she loves. And she truly loves Jay and her son, Manny. That fact that she’s becoming a mom again brings her great joy. Now she won’t have to wait for a tragic accident to befall Mitchell and Cameron in order to become Lily’s legal guardian. Gloria is extremely passionate. She’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind. In fact, we don’t think she’s afraid of anything except for maybe Jay’s dog butler. Gloria truly embraces life. Guess that’s why Jay fell in love with her. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Jay also loves the fact that she would jump in the pool while wearing a beautiful dress to save his beloved, buoyancy-challenged dog Stella. This just proves that Gloria will do anything for her family.