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Hanna Marin

Played by: Ashley Benson in Pretty Little Liars

Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) lives in Rosewood, Pennsylvania and is the daughter of Ashley and Tom Marin. Her parents are divorced and Hanna lives with her mother.Hanna is best friends with Spencer, Aria and Emily. Their best friend Alison disappeared under mysterious circumstances and was presumed dead. Alison's death caused the friends to grow apart. However a year after her death, the four friends begin receiving ominous messages from a mysterious A. A threatens to expose all their secrets. The four friends fear that A is really Alison. When Alison was alive, she was cruel to Hanna. Since Alison's death, Hanna has lost a lot weight and is in great shape. Hanna is now the new it girl of Rosewood High School and the "queen bee" of the social scene. Source: IMDB