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Harvey Specter

Played by: Gabriel Macht in Suits

Harvey Reginald Specter (Gabriel Macht) is a Partner/litigator at the firm Pearson Spector law firm and New York City's best closer. He was born and raised in Chicago. In the pilot episode, he is promoted to senior partner—the youngest to hold that position—and is forced to hire a Harvard Law School graduate to be his associate. He is impressed with Mike Ross' quick thinking and drive to be a good lawyer, as well as his inherent ability to absorb knowledge (his eidetic memory) and his extensive knowledge of law. Mike, however, does not have a law degree, but is hired anyways because Harvey does not want to waste time interviewing less promising candidates. Mike reminds Harvey of a younger version of himself and so they conspire to pretend that Mike is, in fact, a Harvard graduate. He acts as Mike's mentor, as well as his immediate superior: although he performs these roles somewhat reluctantly and emotionally distantly at first, he later begins to show that he does care about Mike and Mike's future as a lawyer. Source: