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Jack Porter

Played by: Nick Wechsler in Revenge

Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) Kind-hearted and loyal, Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) is the son of Carl Porter and the older brother of Declan Porter. As a child, he was friends with Amanda Clarke. The two spent many summers together on the beach. Jack never knew what happened to his friend Amanda and he still carries a torch for her. He named his sailboat "the Amanda" after her and raised Amandas dog, Sammy, after she was sent away to foster care. He does not realize that Emily Thorne is actually Amanda Clarke. He lives in the apartment above his dads bar the Stowaway in Montauk. Jack has never been too impressed with the money and social status of the people who live in the Hamptons. Hes a hard worker and always wants to do whats right. Hes very protective of his younger brother and feels a great deal of loyalty to his family. He feels a strong connection to Emily Thorne but cannot figure out why. Source: IMDB