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Jefferson Jackson ‘Jax’ Firestorm

Played by: Franz Drameh in DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Jackson’s plans of a professional football career were ruined when the particle accelerator’s blast wave send him hurtling into a concrete wall, having spent his time saving others instead of seeking safety himself. The injuries sidelined him permanently, until the S.T.A.R. Labs team informed him that he was a metahuman match for Martin Stein, with whom he could merge to form Firestorm, ‘The Nuclear Man.’ Jax was initially reserved about the idea, but when pushed to accept that he was a hero all along, the pair successfully merged, with Jax’s youthful spirit offering a refreshing, if not necessarily conventional counterpoint to Stein. With a brand new uniform (and the splicer now embedded within it), the two have been gathered by Rip Hunter to put their mastery of fire, flight, and if they stay true to the comics, matter and molecules themselves to work preventing Vandal Savage from plummeting humanity into ruin. In other words, an adventure that truly gives an NFL career a run for its money.