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Jenna Hamilton

Played by: Ashley Rickards in Awkward

Sarcastic, witty and wise beyond her years, Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) is a fairly typical teenager living in Palos Verdes, California and attending Palos Hills High School. She is the only child of high school sweethearts Lacey and Kevin. Jenna's life is turned upside down when she receives an anonymous care-fronation letter. The blunt letter informs the 15-year-old wallflower that she could disappear and no one would even notice. She needs to start living life with more passion. While dealing with the shock of that letter, an innocent accident in the bathroom is misconstrued as a suicide attempt and Jenna is forced to wear an extremely awkward body cast. Everyone at school thinks she tried to kill herself and Jenna must deal with the stigma of being an outcast as she navigates the tricky high school landscape. Add in the fact that she lost her virginity to high school hero Matty McKibben and hes too embarrassed to date her in public and Jenna is having one really lousy year. Thankfully her two best friends Tamara and Ming are there to support their friend by any means necessary and help Jenna investigate who wrote the letter while she deals with her bumpy romantic life. Jenna pours out her heart in her blog where she is able to be brutally honest about every emotion she is experiencing and ask a series of rhetorical questions. Background: Jennas mom, Lacey, became pregnant with Jenna while she was still in high school and married Kevin, Jennas dad. Having not had the opportunity to fully experience high school life, Lacey tries to live vicariously through Jenna.