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Jessica Day (Jess)

Played by: Zooey Deschanel in New Girl

When the show begins, Jess is a school teacher in her late 20s. In the pilot, she has an explosive breakup with her boyfriend who was cheating on her. She moves out of the apartment that they shared, and ends up living in a bachelor pad with Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. Jess brings an over the top girly vibe to the former bachelor pad. In the second cycle, Jess is fired from her past position in the school for no particular reason. After trying some casual jobs she started working in adult education. She had some relationships along the way, but they did not last long. Her best friend since childhood is Cece, who is always ready to protect Jess. Jess's frindship with Nick Miller, one of her flatmates, is evolving gradually. They both have admitted that they've felt attracted to each other but have expressed no particular interest. However, they often protect each other. One such example is when Nick suspected one of Jess's students to be a psycho-killer and decided to investigate the situation. Another example from Jess's side is when Nick announced his moving-in with his ex-girlfriend, soon after they got back together, and Jess hid the keys of the truck carrying his things, so that he could have a last chance to reconsider his choice. Also, we have seen Nick complaining that Jess is using him as a 'fluffer', when she asks him to do things that a boyfriend would do. Source: IMDB