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Julia Braverman-Graham

Played by: Erika Christensen in Parenthood

Julia Rydel Braverman-Graham (Erika Christensen) is Sydney and Victor's mother, Joel's wife, and Zeek and Camille's fourth and youngest child and second daughter. She is a lawyer at a top corporate firm while her husband, Joel, supports her ambitions by serving as a stay-at-home dad to their daughter. Julia is sometimes competitive and it is difficult for her to let go and relax. Julia's go-getting personality and by-the-book approach is the opposite of her sister Sarah's, but they turn to one another for support.[9] During the second season, Joel and Julia are celebrating their eight-year anniversary. After unsuccessfully trying to conceive a second child, Julia is told she has scarring in her uterus and that it will be extremely difficult for her to conceive again. Julia and Joel have decided to adopt a young boy named Victor. During the fourth season, she quits her job at the firm after missing Sydney's dance recital and Victor's first baseball game. She then attempts to become a stay-at-home mom while Joel goes back to work. In season 5 Julia begins to struggle with staying at home and feeling out of place. She begins a friendship with Ed, a dad at her children's school, and it begins to turn into an emotional affair. Eventually she sees the dangers and goes to break it off, but instead they kiss. Later in the season, after separating with Joel over her relationship with Ed, Julia has a one-night stand with Mr. Knight, the headmaster of Adam and Kristina's charter school. Source: Wikipedia