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Lacey Hamilton

Played by: Nikki DeLoach in Awkward

Lacey Hamilton (Nikki DeLoach) is Jennas mother. Lacey became pregnant when she was in high school and married Kevin, her high school sweetheart and Jennas dad. Because she never got to fully experience high school and had to be responsible at such a young age, Lacey often tries to live vicariously through her daughter. But, unlike Jenna, Lacey was popular in high school. Lacey cares deeply about her appearance and often dress way too young for her age. She can often come across as superficial and can give her daughter very questionable advice. She is often critical of Jenna and wishes Jenna could be more like she was when she was young. Although Lacey can appear to be clueless about raising a child, she loves her daughter and only wants whats best for her even if she does have an extremely funny way of showing it.