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Lissa Miller

Played by: Greer Grammer in Awkward

Lissa Miller is a main character as of Season 3, and former recurring character of Season 1 and 2 of Awkward. She is the best friend of mean girl Sadie Saxton, senior student at Palos Hills High School and head cheerleader. She lives in Palos Hills, California, with her parents and newly adoptive brother Tyler, whom she is hinted to have a crush on after she kissed him. Lissa is portrayed as the stereotypical dim-witted blonde, who has a strong belief of her Christianity and abstinence, but she is later shown to have more depth as the series goes on and she is played as ditzy, but down-to-earth and likable. She dated Jake Rosati before the beginning of the series, until he broke-up with her to be with Jenna Hamilton. She also lost her virginity to Ricky Schwartz, and blamed herself for his death because of his allergy to nuts, but Sadie manages to talk her out of it.