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Louis Litt

Played by: Rick Hoffman in Suits

Louis Marlow Litt (Rick Hoffman) was a senior partner at Pearson Hardman (later Pearson Specter) who is the firm's leading authority and expert on all matters of corporate finance and the direct supervisor of the firm's associate attorneys. He is self-serving and often bends rules to get what he wants, including faking a positive drug test to blackmail Mike Ross. He is overly pedantic, jealous to the point of paranoia, highly suspicious, snobbish, and cruel. Louis often fails to understand how he appears to others, quite fat, honestly surprised to find people hold grudges over his behavior and that he can be hurtful. However, he highly values loyalty to the firm and peers and is considered a highly dedicated worker. He is also a skilled lawyer and is particularly fond of trials. He has a strong work ethic, proving it by finishing the associates' monthly work in a single evening. Louis has a love of Broadway, ballet, and tennis