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Manny Delgado

Played by: Rico Rodriguez in Modern Family

Don’t you wish that you could go through life without a hint of self-consciousness? If so, you should follow the lead of young Manny Delgado. This kid is an enigma. He has inherited his mother’s passion for life and often wears his heart on his sleeve. Manny’s zeal appeal is often lost on stepdad Jay but is always fully supported by mom Gloria. Manny is not afraid to take chances. He once made a move on a much older 16-year-old girl at the mall. He was rejected, but not defeated. Manny developed a little crush on Haley but continued to play the field. You just can’t keep a passionate man down, as evidenced by the effort he put forth in a stock market project for school. Not even a day at Disneyland could distract this mini-mogul from closing a deal in mouse ears. Manny is already a fine uncle to the Dunphy kids, Haley, Alex and Luke. We can’t wait to see him do his thing as a big brother.