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Matt Donovan

Played by: Zach Roerig in The Vampire Diaries

Matt is the "Golden boy." He is a star football player, and smart. Even though his father is not in the picture, and his mom is absent and screws everything up, it motivates him to work hard. He keeps his family afloat, even after his sister dies. His sister, Vicki, is the opposite, which gets her killed.Matt is Elena's ex-boyfriend. Its is said throughout the series that they broke up because Elena's parents died. When Elena starts dating Stefan, he becomes the jealous ex, though he doesn't do much to stop them from being together. His best friend is Tyler Lockwood, but that changes throughout the series.In season 2, he starts dating Caroline, and falls for her. When Caroline becomes a vampire, they break up. Matt then becomes convinced that they break up because Caroline is in love with Tyler. He doesn't find out until later that she is a vampire. He works with Caroline's mother and pretends to be with her to get information.