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Meredith Grey

Played by: Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy

Meredith Grey is the daughter of famed general surgeon Ellis Grey a trail blazer for women in medicine who left a legacy that would be near impossible to equal. Meredith's best friend is Cristina Yang, a heart surgeon who began her internship at Seattle Grace at the same time. The series begins with Meredith hooking up with a man she met at a bar across the street from the hospital on the night before her internship starts. This man would soon be revealed as Derek Shepherd. Meredith has a sometimes begrudgingly father-daughter-style relationship with Dr. Richard Webber, who is the chief of surgery at Seattle Grace and worked with Meredith's mother. Background: Meredith grew up around the hospital, often spending hours around the place playing with her Anatomy Jane doll while her mother worked. Meredith was a rebellious teenager who drank excessively and carried this lifestyle on to college and through graduation from medical school at Dartmouth. Eventually, Meredith found her way back to medicine a fate she clearly couldn't avoid. Source: IMDB