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Miranda Bailey

Played by: Chandra Wilson

The resident in charge of the original bunch of interns, Dr. Miranda Bailey is a woman who takes her job seriously and expects nothing less from her colleagues. She holds herself to a high standard and looks up to Chief Richard Webber. She's known as "The Nazi" by the interns for her strict, no-nonsense approach. Over the years, however, she's taken on more of a maternal role to the one-time interns as she has watched them develop and has experienced some of her own issues that have softened up her steely demeanor. She loves her job and only took three days off, with the exception of her maternity leave. Her stern interactions with her interns does not carry over to her patients, with whom she has an exceptionally good and sympathetic bedside manner.Background: Not much is known about Bailey's childhood, other than the fact that she's a big "Star Wars" fan and didn't go to the homecoming dance because the boy she liked never asked her. Source: IMDB