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Mona Vanderwaal

Played by: Janel Parrish in Pretty Little Liars

Mona Van der Wall (Janel Parrish) lives in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Prior to the disappearance of Alison, Mona was a nerd and a social outcast. While Alison was presumed dead, Mona and Hanna both underwent extreme makeovers and became very good friends. As a result of their changed appearance, Mona and Hanna are now very popular and the Queen Bees of Rosewood High School. When A appears and Hanna rekindles her friendship with Emily, Aria and Spencer, Mona becomes very jealous. She is very worried about protecting her friendship with Hanna. While she was alive, Alison was very cruel to Mona. Because of this, despite now being very popular, Mona is an extremely self-conscious person. Source: IMDB