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Played by: Olga Fonda in The Vampire Diaries

Nadia Petrova (Bulgarian:Надя Петрова) was a vampire and a member of The Travelers who was Katerina Petrova's daughter, making her an ancestor of Elena Gilbert and a descendant of Amara. Although most of Nadia's life is unknown, she revealed that she had spent the last 500 years searching for her mother; it also wasn't known from which Original's sire line she attained her vampirism, though it would be fair to assume that it came from the still-surviving Originals (Elijah, Klaus or Rebekah). She was seemingly not very well accustomed to modern American culture, but was more versed in past history, as she knew about the story of Silas, Amara and Qetsiyah. She also knew a great deal about Katerina's life in the past centuries, even though she had supposedly never personally met her before the events of Original Sin.