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Nolan Ross

Played by: Gabriel Mann in Revenge

Brilliant but socially awkward, Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) is the founder and CEO of the technology company, Nolcorp. He lives in Hamptons. Emilys father, David Clarke was Nolans first investor in the company and believed in Nolan when no one else did. Nolan is forever grateful to David Clarke and feels an immense amount of loyalty to Emily because of this. It is Nolan who gives Emily the diaries that proves to her that her father is innocent of being involved with terrorists and crashing Flight 197. Nolan loves helping Emily with her revenge plan and enjoys the drama that comes with being part of her shenanigans. He doesnt have many friends and is happy to be needed by Emily. She relies heavily on him. He is an expert in technology and is able to hack into almost any computer system and bypass nearly any security system. He is always ready with a quip one liner or a clever phrase. As much as he enjoys seeing the Hampton elite get their comeuppance, he is also often the only voice of reason and will warn Emily when he thinks she is going too far. He is sometimes the only one Emily will listen to. Nolan's net worth is $19.8 billion dollars. Although he is immensely wealthy, he is ostracised by Hampton high society due to his quirky manner and lack of social graces. Source: IMDB