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Sadie Saxton

Played by: Molly Tarlov in Awkward

Sadie Saxton (Molly Tarlov) lives in Palos Verdes, California and attends Palos Hills High School. Sadie is the most popular girl in high school and she rules through fear and terror. She uses words as a weapon and can be unbelievably cruel to her fellow students. She punctuates every piece of unsolicited, unwelcomed and unkind advice with a terse youre welcome. She particularly picks on Jenna and is Jennas nemesis. But Sadies outward nastiness masks her inner pain. She struggles with her weight and her wealthy parents through money at her instead of love and support. She is the quintessential mean girl and the epitome of the poor, little rich girl. She is best friends with Lissa and constantly bosses Lissa around. Since childhood, she has harbored a secret crush on Matty.