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Sarah Braverman

Played by: Lauren Graham in Parenthood

Sarah Tracey Braverman (Lauren Graham), age 38 at the beginning of the series, is the second child and oldest daughter. She and her two children (Amber and Drew) move back into her parents' house in the pilot episode because of her financial situation. At the show's beginning, it is established that she had previously worked as a bartender for over ten years and as a graphic artist for local bands, including her ex-husband's. She is divorced from her rocker husband Seth (John Corbett), who appears to have been a very poor father figure to their children due to his drug use, alcoholism, and touring schedule. They were married for 12 years. After she fails to obtain a job with a design company due to her lack of a college degree, Sarah once again takes a bartending job. However, she soon begins an internship position at the same company where her older brother, Adam, works. She starts dating her boss despite her brother's disapproval. However, she eventually leaves him when she finds out that he sold the company without the knowledge of its employees. One night, she writes a play which her father passes to his friend, who is well-connected in Broadway. Her play is later produced. She turns 40 in the second season, which means she had her 17-year-old daughter, Amber, when she was 23 and Drew when she was 25. Sarah re-kindles her relationship with Mark Cyr, who is 12 years her junior, after revealing to Amber that she is falling in love with him. In the last episode of season three, Mark proposes to Sarah and we find out in the first episode of the fourth season that she accepted. Sarah goes to work for photographer Hank Rizzoli. In season 4, episode 10, "Trouble in Candyland", Mark breaks up with Sarah because of her habit of running away from things that make her feel good about herself. This happens after Sarah puts her job before Mark when she turned down going to a wedding with him so she could accompany her boss to a photography job in Los Angeles. In season five she becomes a super of a nice apartment building. Source: Wikipedia