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Spencer Hastings

Played by: Troian Bellisario in Pretty Little Liars

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario)Wealthy lives in Rosewood, Pennsylvania and is the daughter of Peter and Veronica Hastings and the younger sister of Melissa Hastings.Spencer is best friends with Hanna, Aria and Emily. Their best friend Alison disappeared under mysterious circumstances and was presumed dead. Alison's death caused the friends to grow apart. However a year after her death, the four friends begin receiving ominous messages from a mysterious A. A threatens to expose all their secrets. The four friends fear that A is really Alison. When Alison was alive, Spencer is one of the few people who would stand up to her and now Spencer is one of A's main targets. Spencer and her sister Melissa have a strained relationship that stems from Spencer having feelings for Melissa's fiance Wren. Spencer is very protective of her friends and can be very bossy. In that way, she is the de facto leader of the group. Source: IMDB