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Played by: Janina Gavankar in The Vampire Diaries

Qetsiyah, known in current times as Tessa, was a witch of the Traveler subculture, known for creating the first immortality spell as well as the only cure for it. Qetsiyah was engaged to another witch named Silas, whom she was madly in love with. At his request, Qetsiyah concocted an immortality elixir that she had planned to share with him as a part of their wedding ceremony. However, after Silas betrayed Qetsiyah by taking the potion with his mistress, Amara, Qetsiyah retaliated by kidnapping Amara, and using her to create The Other Side. Deceived into believing that Amara was dead, Silas was later imprisoned deep within a remote cave, along with a cure to his immortality. With the belief that Silas would eventually take the cure and die as a mortal, thus joining her on the Other Side, Qetsiyah would spend the next two millenia alone in her own purgatory.