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Walter O'Brien

Played by: Elyes Gabel in Scorpion

Walter O'Brien Scorpion is a genius with an IQ of 190 who recruits other geniuses to help solve complex problems of the world. During his childhood, at the age of 11 Walter O'Brien gets himself arrested by the FBI for hacking into NASA using the hacker name of "Scorpion". He is offered to get his name cleaned and no charges pressed against him if for return starts working for FBI. From that moment and until Walter is sixteen years old, he worked with Agent Cabe Gallo, until leaving the service as a result of Gallo tricking him into calculating a way for the CIA to bomb places in Iraq, resulting in huge civilian casualties. Several years later, Walter is asked by Homeland Security to gather a special group of gifted geniuses from around the world to work together and solve the most difficult threats that the US encounters.