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Zayday Williams

Played by: Keke Palmer in Scream Queens

She will be one of the newcomers to join Kappa Kappa Tau in Pilot. "Zayday has a genius IQ and she’s at the sorority. She doesn’t like sororities but she’s talked into joining the sorority so that she can run for president and bolster her resume because she has great aspirations after she graduates from college. She’s a great, cool character who goes into that world to change the system, which would make the dean very thrilled." Ryan Murphy said about Keke's character. Zayday is from Oakland. She is very driven and focused but still knows how to have fun. She is also easy going, confident, and she's up for anything. Zayday is not a joker, but has a little bit of funniness to her. Her goal in life is to become president of the United States, which is something she is very focus on achieving.