Caleb Hoffman

Caleb lives in Los Angeles where he works as an actor. Her recently graduated with his AFA from the New York Film Academy. He completed his first year in New York and second year in Los Angeles. While in New York he appeared in a comedy sketch in the Victor Verhaege Show at the Abington Theater. His journey started when he was five appearing in local plays, his love of acting lead him to participate in many High School productions including a lead role in the Importance of Being Earnest which was selected to compete at the Florida State Competition in The Tampa Theater. Additionally, he was voted Best Male Actor by AMTC in the summer of 2010. Caleb’s other talents include singing and gymnastics. When he is not working you can find him hiking, at the beach or working out at the local gym. He has recently become the new owner of a cream tabby cat named Darth Malak.

Personal Details

Residence CA,Los Angleles
Gender Unknown
Personal Style Casual


Eye Color Brown
Natural Hair Color Brown
Current Hair color Brown
Body Type Slender