De'arra & Ken

When most people graduate from high school, they don’t expect to immediately meet the love of their life. But that’s exactly what happened for De’arra Taylor when Ken Walker spotted her as he walked into the Chipotle where she and a friend were eating. And while De’arra admits she thought Ken’s tattoos were sexy, she wasn’t super excited by his advances. He tried to play it cool at first. She tried to be coy. He asked for her number. She gave him her Kick. But persistence paid off for the Chicago-born, Atlanta- raised Ken and after a month of wooing De’arra, she finally gave up the digits. Fast forward a little over two years and De’arra and Ken (DK4L) have become inseparable. From the practical jokes they competitively play on each other, executing fun experiments and the infamous Smooch Call, the two have allowed their relationship to blossom and shared their journey with the world across digital and social media platforms. Gaining so many followers and fans was a completely unexpected bonus. The couple is extremely humbled by the impact they've had on others across the globe. On a recent trip to Paris, a French fan was waiting at the airport with a welcome sign, having followed their journey on social media. The two are taking things day by day and just wrapped a successful 10-city tour produced by Fullscreen Live.

Personal Details

Place of Birth Atlanta, GA
Birthday December 11, 2014
Age 4
Residence Atlanta, GA
Gender Female
Personal Style Casual


Eye Color Grey
Natural Hair Color Black
Current Hair color Black
Body Type Slender