Demi Rose

Demi Rose (born Demi Rose Mawby on March 27, 1995 in England) is a British model. Since she was a little girl, Demi always dreamed of becoming a model. She always loved being in front of the camera and striking a pose. She joined Instagram to topple a user posing as her, but her glamorous looks and pictures of her wearing only lingerie gained her a huge following. At 5’2, she was afraid that she was too short to break into the industry dominated by tall beauties. However, after receiving encouragement from her family, friends and fans, she submitted her application to an agency and 24 hours later. She gained further stardom in 2016, as she was seen hanging out with rapper Tyga shortly after he and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Kylie Jenner, broke up.

Personal Details

Place of Birth Birmingham, United Kingdom
Gender Female
Personal Style Flirty


Eye Color Brown
Natural Hair Color Brown
Current Hair color Brown
Height (m) 5'2"
Body Type Hourglass