Jenna McDougall

Jenna Rachael McDougall is an Australian singer. She is the lead vocalist of the pop-punk band Tonight Alive. Jenna McDougall was born in Sydney, Australia and has two sisters. Growing up, she put on small shows with her family. She also played instruments during high school and performed in her school choir, and musicals which sparked her interest in music. Jenna was playing small acoustic shows in Sydney before she joined Tonight Alive. Jenna also went to an all-girls school. In an interview, McDougall said she had problems with eczema: Between July 2011 and March 2012 I had health issues that were escalating beyond my control. My body was overloaded with toxins and my eczema had reached a point of paralysis. Willing to try anything, I saw doctor after doctor and tried countless forms of treatment but gained no relief and found no answers. It was by far the most challenging time of my life and throughout that period of time Tonight Alive did 9 tours.

Personal Details

Place of Birth Sydney, Australia
Birthday June 1, 1992
Age 26
Gender Female
Personal Style Rocker


Eye Color Blue
Natural Hair Color Blond
Current Hair color Blond
Height (m) 1.69
Body Type Slender