Savannah Paige Rae

Savannah Rae was born in Florida, beginning her career at the young age of three. She credits her older sister, Emily Rae, an accomplished child actress herself, for instilling the “acting bug” in her. After relocating to California Savannah booked many commercials such as Rice Krispies, State Farm, Bounty and a Kraft commercial which was directed by Peggy Sirato. She then booked her very first theatrical audition on Fox’s hit TV series House M.D. After spending the day on set, Savannah was hooked and continued auditioning for both theatrical and commercial roles. You may recognize her as the little girl who stuffed a toy monkey in her dad’s briefcase in the AT&T commercial. Early success continued to follow Savannah and quickly booked a role playing the younger version of her sister in the film Phoenix Falling. Some of her other credits include My Best Friends Girl and Jimmy Kimmel Live where she “survived” being babysat by Jimmy Kimmel! Savannah recently just wrapped the film Date Night directed by Shawn Levy which will be released in theatres on April 9, 2010. In the film she is the feisty daughter of Steve Carrel (The Office) and Tina Fey (30 Rock) who go on a date night while Leighton Meester (gossip girl) plays her babysitter.

Personal Details

Place of Birth United States,Florida
Gender Female
Personal Style Modest


Eye Color Hazel
Natural Hair Color Brown
Current Hair color Brown
Body Type Petite